I need to come clean.  I am a recovering disgusting protein shake drinker!  For years, I thought that gritty, hard to swallow consistency of protein shakes was the price you had to pay to get all that healthy protein into your body via a shake.

Every time I had my protein shake I would think of that scene in the Rocky movie.  He pounds down a cup of raw eggs, clearly disgusting tasting, but felt like one of those “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” moments.  Well, that was me each morning with my protein shake.  Yeah, I would try to throw a strawberry or banana in it to mix things up, but it still had that nasty gritty taste to it.

Google Saved Me From Protein Shakes Hell

Finally, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I decide to use the power of Google to see if there really was such a thing as a healthy AND good tasting protein shake.  I really didn’t have the money to buy endless premade protein shakes, so I decided to focus my search on Protein Shake recipes.

It took lots of searching, lots of experimenting in the kitchen and numerous failed recipes, but slowly I started to find some protein shake recipes that really worked!  The grittiness was gone, the nutrition was still there and I was becoming a lot easier to live with (ask my family)!

Welcome To My Collection of Taste Tested Protein Shake Recipes

Over the past year I have been privately collecting awesome protein shake recipes.  Friends would come over and when I made them a protein shake, they couldn’t believe it was packed with protein.  They always asked for the recipes, which I would later email to them, and then it hit me….I must not be the only recovering disgusting protein shake drinker!  No, there must be others – maybe you are one?  Well, it was time to share my knowledge and help others, so I decided to create this blog with all my favorite protein shake recipes.

Yep, We’ve Got Protein Shakes For Everyone

Back in the day, if you thought protein shakes you thought eggs or whey protein. Not anymore!  We will be sharing protein shakes that are good for everyone -

  • Organic Protein Shake Recipes
  • Vegan Protein Shake Recipes
  • Vegetarian and Pure Plant Base Protein Shakes
  • Raw Food Protein Shakes
  • Gluten Free Protein Shake Recipes
  • And much more…

This Site is Growing Everyday, Favorite Us Now, You Will Not Be Disappointed

My thirst for a great protein shake can not be quenched!  Everyday I am searching for new recipes and try new things in the kitchen.  This is a living list of protein shake recipes and I plan to update it on a regular basic.

Have a protein recipe I should know about?  Please drop me a line or leave a comment!

Now, throw down that disgusting protein shake and enter a world where protein, health and taste all live beautifully together!

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