Making a protein shake that adults will find yummy, that is a challenge.  Making a protein shake that kids will find yummy – that is almost impossible!  Kids really will not put up with gritty shakes and nasty aftertaste.  No, if you want kids to drink a protein shake, it better taste good.

We were super excited to find this video of a Mango Lassi Protein Shake Recipe For Kids -

Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  Kids making the shake, drinking the shake and even making the video.

Fine, kids are cute – we all know that, but the big question is – how does the Protein Packed Mango Lassi taste?  Well, we picked up the ingredients the other day and decided to give it a test.  Just as the video shows we decided to have the children make the shake as kids love shaking things!  And the results?

The Kids Loved It!

The Mango and the yogurt were the perfect balance to the Perfect Plant Protein powder.  As a parent, I was happy the protein was 100% Certified Organic and vegetarian.  Of course, I had to try the protein shake as well – and yes, it is yummy.  The nice thing is, if you want more or less protein, you can just vary the amount of Perfect Plant Protein that you add to the shake.

The Ingredients to this protein shake are pretty simple…



Do you really need directions for this one?  Just watch the above video – it could not be simpler.  No blender needed, no power even needed…just kid power.  Put all the ingredients in a cup and shake!

If you are not familiar with the Perfect Plant Protein powder, it is worth checking out.  All plant based protein – rice, mushroom and hemp and 100% Organic.  It has a vanilla flavor to it, but it is not that strong.  Love that it is all natural and has no soy, milk or egg.

We are now on the lookout for more Protein Shakes for Kids.  Know of any?  If so, please leave the recipe or a link to the recipe (or video) in the comments below.  My kids thank you in advance!


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