As move into Fall, my mind starts to shift over to apples, pumpkins and all the yummy tastes of Fall.  While I try to maintain a good diet, my one weakness, especially in the Fall is apple pie!  I think I could eat my weight in Apple Pie if you let me.

The Apple Pie Protein Shake:

This year I am trying to be good, so I decided to do some searching to help with my addiction to apple pie.  I found a few recipes for Apple Pie shakes, but they didn’t have the protein I was looking for.  Finally I found an Apple Pie Protein shake that looked good…

Fiber And Protein In One Shake

We really like how the recipe has Flax Seed, this provides some fiber to the protein shake.  I would make some changes to this protein shake recipe, based on my personal tastes.  First, I would swap out the Whey Protein with the Perfect Plant Protein powder.  You get a lot more nutrients and I just find it taste better and is easier on the body.

As always, the key is to experiment and try to make a protein shake recipe that you will actually want to drink.  If you need it sweeter, you can do that.  Some people get caught up in keeping a protein shake recipe so clean and healthy, they come up with something that tastes so bad, no one ever wants to drink it.  If you need a little extra sweetness to make this protein shake something you will look forward to, go for it.

We should also point out this protein shake recipe is high in Fiber and that is always a good thing.  In the video they use Flax Seed, but you can sub in the seed of your choice.  Chia is huge right now, so some people are putting in Chia seeds.  Experiment, have fun and let us know how it goes.


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